Blackboard Message 8/20/2017


This is Camptonville School with announcements for the week of August 21st.  This was a great first week of school by all accounts.  My only regret was that for the first time in 29 years of teaching, I was not able to be here for the first two days. Seeing those smiling faces on Friday lightened my heart and erased my jet lag! My love and appreciation goes out to the staff, students, and parents for your support during this difficult time. I am more resolved than ever to keep working with students towards their recognition and practice of acceptance, kindness, and understanding of their peers as a starting point. It is going to be hard work and I know that we will have to work cooperatively with all of you to affect change.

This week starts out with a rare event, a total solar eclipse. The partial eclipse that we will be able to experience will be taking place from approximately 9 am to 11:30. During our morning recess, I want to guarantee eye safety. Students cannot look directly at the sun without protective eyewear so alternative activities will be taking place. Depending on the classroom, some students may take turns viewing with protective eyewear provided by their teacher and others may create and utilize eclipse projectors. We will be sharing information and following the NASA website to allow student to experience this incredible event. I would appreciate parents talking to their children about safe viewing as well.

Back to School Night takes place this Thursday, August 24th. The evening begins at 5 pm with a delicious dinner and a chance to socialize and meet new families and staff members. This will be followed by classroom presentations beginning with the K,1,2 class at 5:45. Please do not miss this crucial night of information as teachers will be discussing expectations, policies, and procedures regarding how you can help your children to experience a successful year. It’s a great time to ask questions about homework, field trips, and any other issues for which you anticipate concerns. Because of Back to School Night, Thursday is a minimum day for all students. The kindergarten schedule will begin at 8:25 on that day. All students will be dismissed from school at 12:45 pm. Kindergarteners may ride the morning bus to school on Thursday.

Thank you for returning your emergency contact forms and back to school paperwork. If you have not already done so, please try to get those in by Monday. Students will not be able to access technology independently until Technology Use Agreements are signed and returned.

Thank you for your support and cooperation and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday night.


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