2016-2017 Bus Schedule


Morning Run

Afternoon Run

7:08  Leave School

2:50  Leave School

7:17  Marysville Road and Moonshine Road  (OC)

2:55  Sleighville Creek

7:20  13186 Marysville Road 

2:57  Foothill Way

7:23  13363 Moonshine Road

2:59  Snowline

7:25  13418 Moonshine Road

3:01  Willow Creek Campground

7:27  13464 Moonshine Road 

3:04  Lost Nugget

7:39  Hwy 49 and Ridge Road

3:07  Forest Service  (OC)

7:44  Rebel Ridge Organics

3:09  Rebel Ridge Organics

7:54  Sleighville Creek

3:16  Marysville Road and Moonshine (OC)

7:55  Foothill Way

3:19  13186 Marysville Road

7:56  Snowline

3:21  13633 Moonshine Road

7:58  Willow Creek Campground

3:23  13418 Moonshine Road

8:05  School

3:25  13464 Moonshine Road


3:31  13804 Moonshine Road


3:40  Hwy 49 Ridge Road


3:53  School




                        Times are approximate PLEASE BE EARLY

On minimum days the afternoon bus runs 2 hours earlier


(OC) – On Call Bus Stop

           The Bus will only stop at the on call bus stops when you call the office

           ahead and make arrangements.

Designated Bus Stops –

           The bus will only stop at the designated bus stops.  If you are not   

           there to drop off or pick up you child, you may drop off or pick up  

           your child at any of the next designated bus stops. 

Please remember-

          If your child is not picked up or able to walk home from their bus stop  

          he/she will be brought back to the school at approximately 4:00.




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